Hi there !
We are just two sisters creating unforgettable memories together ! 

On our blog you can find a category dedicated to every style, from alternative, boho-chic, street style to glam style, classy and so on. 
Also we are posting regularly on the beauty part, which includes make-up, skin care and lots of reviews .
Of course we have a travel with us section so you can follow us whatever we go.
So if you stick with us we might inspire you on a daily bases.
We really hope that our blog will have an impact on you.
We might look alike but based on our styles you`ll see that we are so different from one another.
Twin 1 is simple, comfortable and effortless while Twin 2 is always fab and on point with the perfect outfit to blow your mind . 

A little bit of history :
One year ago, Twin 2 ( Crina ) decided to have her own blog ( http://www.crinaddraghi.wordpress.com)  to inspire people. She always tries new things and she knows how to make an amazing outfit from ordinary clothes. She loves to be photographed and she loves everything about fashion .

Today, we decided that our first blog should come to life.
Two sisters, one blog, a lifetime of memories.

To get to know us better :
20 y.o. / law sudents
We are from Romania, living in Cluj-Napoca ( Capital of Youth ).

We`ve been dancing our whole lives, since we were in second grade up until we finished high-school.
Now, our priority hobby is our blog .
We make our own photographs and videos, we edit our own pictures and of course when we both are in the pictures we work with professionals .

We would love if you would join us in this journey with us, and hit the subscribe botton and follow us around .
Always be the first to know what`s new in fashion and beauty .

With love,
Twins on Fleek