The most beautiful present

I don`t really know where to begin…

It`s been a couple of months of so much happiness in my life and so many beautiful moments that I could never ask for more.
For five months I realized everyday, that we don` t need things to make our life complete. Things don` t make us happy on the long term. But we do need the people that are near us on a daily bases. I`ve reached that point in my life where you would rather be surrounded by the people that actually care for me and love you no matter what .
On my birthday, I received and amazing gift from my boyfriend. We’ve been talking about traveling and the places we love and want to see, the things that are on our bucket list , ever since the beginning of our relationship. And even tho, we knew each other for just two months, he planned a trip to Venezia in February .
Slowly the months passed by and I find myself on 20th February for the first time in an airplane. I was so nervous.
This trip, had a major impact on me, because for my first time in 21 years, I got on a plane and went with somebody in another country .
It had the most amazing time, and I created so many beautiful memories, with the man that I`m in love with.
I was speechless and looking back, I still am. I have never experienced something like this and I can`t describe into words the feelings that I have .
We had 5 days to fulfill with unforgettable memories.

Burano –>


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